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"A to ZX" is Sold Out. The following text is left over from when the book was in stock.

When I first got my Z, I had no knowledge or intention of modifying or changing it in any way.  As I began to read more and more about the car, I realized that there was so much you could do to enhance it's performance.

Eventually I discovered the online Z community and the more research I did, the more useful information I gathered.  Finally I began to think how great it would have been if  I could have gotten all this information in one place.

So here it is. My book. I feel that the ``Common Problems" section alone is worth the price.  See for yourself, and thanks for visiting my web page.

You can e-mail me at scott@powerhum.com.  Please fill out the ``regarding" section when e-mailing me because I receive a lot of junk e-mail and I am inclined to toss a great deal of it out without reading it if I can't clearly identify what it is regarding.

Thanks again,



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