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Thanks for visiting. This site is now 9 years old. With 700 copies sold, I've decided to make AtoZX a free download as it should be now. Written in 1998 it was the quintessential predecessor to 300ZX tuner culture. It's still a great starting point if you've just purchased a Z. As long as I'm alive, my email address will be good, and the car that inspired me to write this book will be in my garage. If you have one, hang onto it. Now is when they're getting good.

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  • Basic Maintenance Tips
  • Solutions to Common Problems
  • Detailing Techniques
  • Power Related Performance Enhancements
  • Brake System Upgrades
  • Wheel Upgrades and Technical Backgroud
  • Explanations of most available after market equipment
  • Reliability Issues
  • How to buy Wholesale Parts
  • Vendor List with Phone Numbers
  • and more...

Written by a veteran Z owner, this guide will give you insight into your car that might have taken years for you to gain.

Whether you are interested in modifications or not, the more you know, the better you'll understand your Z.

Picture of the book cover.

Picture of the book cover.

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